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What is It?

RemoteCommand is an add-on module for Mayhem that allows Mayhem to receive commands from external systems on the Internet, such as IVR systems. These command trigger specific events in Mayhem.  RemoteCommand has a web service that must be installed on the Internet called CommandMgr.  CommandMgr allows the administrator of the system to configure which commands will be used and allows external systems to queue the commands for retrieval by RemoteCommand.

How Does It Works?

The following diagram shows a configuration with a hosted IVR system.  In this scenario a caller calls the hosted IVR and the IVR retrieves a VoiceXML document from the voice application. In this example the voice application was developed using another open source project called VoiceModel.  The voice application retrieves the list of commands from CommandMgr and builds speech grammars from them.  When the voice application prompts the caller to enter a command and when it gets one that it recognizes it queues the command in the CommandMgr.  RemoteCommand polls the CommandMgr to see if any commands it is configured to use are queued or not. If there are any it triggers the event configured for that command. Remote command uses this polling mechanism so that you do not have to open a port in your home network, keeping it more secure.




See It in Action

Watch this video to see RemoteCommand being used with a voice application that is hosted in the cloud.

Demonstration on using RemoteCommand with a hosted IVR system.



Before installing RemoteCommand you must install Mayhem. You can get the Mayhem installer from here.

To install RemoteCommand first download the package from the Download page. This package is a zip file. Unzip the contents into the Mayhem installation directory (ex: ../Program Files/OuterCurve/Mayhem).  Modify the config file (CommandEvent.dll.config) so that it points to where you have installed the CommandMgr service.  That’s it.  Now when you open Mayhem and configure an Event, RemoteCommand will be an option.

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